US $1.9 trillion bailout bill passed, indicating very positive for the global crypto market

The House of Representatives has passed President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion economic stimulus bill, which will allow eligible U.S. residents to receive $1,400 in cheque and unemployed Americans to receive $300 a week till September…… This is the third time in less than a year that the United States has printed dollars to stimulate the economy directly, attracting global attention. Affected by this, Bitcoin has recently boasted a sharp rise, passing above $60,000 mark at its highest.

Why does this policy indicate very positive for the global crypto market and promote the rise of BTC-represented cryptos? In fact, massive easing monetary policies will directly lead to higher global inflation. This “printing magic” will dilute the wealth of most people, making money devalue while things more precious at a time when most people have to work for money. That’s why most inflation-resistant assets have skyrocketed, not because bitcoin, gold, or houses become more expensive, but because the money you hold in your Alipay and bank accounts has devalued.

At present, according to the market data, Bitcoin is more inflation-resistant than gold, so the price of Bitcoin has risen in response, because it is the best weapon against currency devaluation, which also makes crypto known out of its circle, attracting high attention from global investors. So, how can ordinary investors effectively participate in crypto investment and earn their own income in the volatile crypto market?

Bitcoin is the top one currency in the crypto market, and its value, significance and influence are beyond doubt. However, at present, Bitcoin is at the all-time high and faces a huge risk of pullback. So users can hold a portion of bitcoin during the market pullback, and make partial investment in the Hotpot Fund. The Hotpot Fund is on the DeFi track that has the biggest value potential in the crypto market, and can provide a simple channel for ordinary investors to participate in the DeFi investment.

The Hotpot Fund is a transparent fund project operating on the public blockchain. It is composed of a set of smart contracts deployed on Ethereum. By depositing money into the Hotpot Fund’s smart contract, users can easily obtain the returns of investing in DeFi projects. The Hotpot Fund gathers crypto enthusiasts, hands over funds to the smart contract of the chain, and invest under the guidance of a professional team, helping users gain investment returns. Investors can deposit and withdraw at any time without worrying about the security of principal. At present, the fund model is still a blank in DeFi ecosystem, so the Hotpot Fund itself is a major innovation with a huge development potential.

At present, the first phase provides three stablecoin investment funds for investors, including USDT, USDC and DAI, and has raised more than 2 million on the first day of its launch. Currently, users can earn profits as long as they deposit money in the Hotpot Fund. The Hotpot Fund is managed by professional investment personnel. They carry out project screening and follow up in order to earn profits. Users do not need to spend a lot of energy and time to understand the concept and logic of DeFi projects. In the whole investment process, the fund manager will take a prudent attitude to seek greater gains without damaging the principal as far as possible. After depositing the funds, the user can obtain returns.

DeFi, the most innovative field at present, is most likely to make breakthroughs in application implementation. With the projection of high inflation, a new round of bull market will no longer be a simple rising of different tokens, but only high-quality projects will stand out. We believe that in the booming 2021, there will be more participants in the crypto world together with the Hotpot Fund to explore more possibilities in the increasingly rapid crypto market and jointly witness a new height of development of this industry.