Is the Russian Military the Player behind Bitcoin? A Recommendation for 2021 Crypto Investments

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5 min readMar 18, 2021

In the past two days, the news about the Russian military’s mining in the Siberian has become the Internet sensation, attracting a lot of attention, which makes people feel the super attraction of cryptos.

According to relevant information, the news was first reported by the Russian Defense Ministry’s Zvezda. It is reported that a giant crypto mine hides at a hydroelectric station near Irkutsk, Siberia. Siberia is cold all year round, maybe one of the coldest places on earth, and the local temperature can be as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius, which can provide a good cooling condition for large mines with thousands of mining machines.

At the same time, the low water and electricity bills here can greatly reduce the mining cost and maximize the interests of the “mine owners”. The huge “mine” is said to be a joint venture between the Russian military and private investors.

In fact, besides Russia, Iran has been one of the major proponents of Bitcoin. In addition, with the increasing number of companies and celebrities investing in Bitcoin this year, such as Musk of Tesla, Wang Xing of Meituan company, and Meitu company, recently spending 250 million yuan on a large crypto purchase, has made crypto assets become widely known and under hot discussion.

There are a variety of ways to invest in cryptos at present. In addition to computing mining and holding coins for price rising, the current DeFi-based yield farming is also one of the most popular ways to obtain earnings, and is more stable. Considering the difference of the current population’s cognition of DeFi, the Hotpot Fund in DeFi ecosystem will undoubtedly be an excellent choice. Here, we take a look at why the Hotpot Fund is recommended for crypto investment from the following three principles.

1. The first DeFi fund project with triple investment income

The Hotpot Fund is the first DeFi fund project, which can provide a channel to invest in DeFi project for the users who lack the professional knowledge of DeFi. By depositing the funds into the smart contract of the Hotpot Fund, the user can easily obtain returns of DeFi investment.

At present, The Hotpot Fund brings fund income, mining income and arbitrage income. Fund income is the basic income of Hotpot Fund, and obtained once the fund is deposited. The Hotpot Fund invests in the most reliable trading pairs of Uniswap among more than 20, 000 ones. The Hotpot Fund starts mining HPT (the native token of Hotpot Fund) to provide users with some additional mining returns. All income generated by the Hotpot Fund belongs to the HPT holders, so HPT has a clear value support. Arbitrage returns, slightly more complex, needs to be obtained with certain knowledge and coding ability. The user can obtain returns due to the price fluctuations, that is buy at a lower price and sell when the price goes up. In addition, through the hotpot fund, participants can save a lot of GAS fees so as to receive more returns.

2. Highly decentralized, supporting deposit and withdrawal at any time

Unlike traditional funds, the Hotpot Fund is operated on the smart contract. The basic operating mode of the Hotpot Fund is that users deposit funds into the smart contract of the Hotpot Fund, and fund managers invest the pooled funds into Uniswap exchange to help users who may not be familiar with the DeFi investment logic to make money. In this process, users can withdraw and deposit at any time.

During this process, the funds of the Hotpot Fund are deposited in the smart contract. No one, except users themselves, has the right to transfer the user’s assets, and this is determined by the contract code. Moreover, it is completely transparent. Every move of the user and the fund manager can be queried on the block browser, but the user behind the account is anonymous. The Hotpot Fund team will rely on their own professional knowledge, to bring users a highly transparent, income maximization investment experience.

3.Based on the DeFi ecosystem and expected to be the first fund service platform

In 2020, DeFi’s growth took up half of the crypto market. In 2021, with the major institutions, public chains and exchanges coming in DeFi field, DeFi develops both in depth and in scope, and becomes the industry’s largest carnival. DeFi myth is still continuing, and the era of the Hotpot Fund will also come.

Next, the Hotpot Fund will build an innovative fund ecosystem operation model, which may make the Hotpot Fund more decentralized. Anyone with Uniswap investment experience and his own investment philosophy, can establish one or more funds through the Hotpot Fund platform. As long as you can obtain the traffic, you can operate your own funds to earn income for users and yourselves. This will be a major transformation that allows the Hotpot Fund to gradually transform into a fund platform, rather than just relying on the team’s investment experiences, which is a huge potential point that the Hotpot Fund has.

At present, under the strong control of global central banks, the monetary policy has maintained moderately easy, which provides a friendlier environment for the debt market. The looming worries about inflation are rising, and diversified asset portfolios have become the key. Cryptos, as one of the important methods to curb inflation, DeFi, as one of the hottest areas in industrial ecosystem, and the Hotpot Fund, as the first decentralized fund project, will bring better experiences in asset preservation and appreciation for global investors.



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