Hotpot V3 55th Weekly Report

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3 min readMay 8, 2022

Dear Hotpot fans

Welcome to the 55th weekly report of the Hotpot Sets. We will continue to output the project’s operation and technology development progress for you, hoping to help you understand the Uniswap V3 platform in DeFi filed, and we wish providing you the first-hand market dynamics and better Defi investment decisions.

April 25, 2022 to May 1 , 2022

Data Section

As of last Friday, the Ethereum mainnet set fee totaled $25,170.79, an increase of nearly 7 percentage points from last week, and the Polygon set fee income totaled $535.85, an increase of 22 percentage points from last week.

Figure 丨 Last Friday Hotpot Sets fees

As we all know, the price of ETH has temporarily encountered rising resistance recently. However, the TVL data of HOTPOT can still have a good performance, which shows the market-making ability of the Set manager.

Figure丨Ethereum Set TVL last Friday

Operation section

Questions from our community users is the driving force behind our progress. There is a question always been asked: I can also provide liquidity in Uniwap V3, why should I invest through Hotpot? What is the difference between of them?

If an individual user invests in Univ3 by himself, the user must have rich Uniswap investment experience and strong market making ability. Not only that, after creating a liquidity pool in UniV3, individual users need to always pay attention to whether the price of the investment currency is still within the range (position) set by themselves. Once the price slips out of the position, the user must adjust the position. However, frequently adjusting positions will bring high gas costs and transaction losses to users, which is not cost-effective for individual users.

If the user invests in Hotpo, the user only needs to invest a single currency (USDT/USDC), and you can obtain the income with one-click deposit. Except for the extremely low gas of the authorized wallet and the gas fee for deposit and withdrawal, there is no other cost principal. Our Set managers will carry out specific investment management operations for users, and users can withdraw at any time.

In addition, users themselves invest a single asset in Univ3, while in Hotpot it is a portfolio of assets, which can greatly reduce the user’s investment risk and maximize returns.

In general, the professional market maker platform of Uniswap v3 is very scarce, and Hotpot is the earliest and strictly the only active management strategy market maker. In the foreseeable future, Hotpot will become a hot Set platform in the DeFi field. Leave a little time for wealth accumulation,and Hotpot will give you a better tomorrow!

Figure丨Hotpot domestic and foreign mainstream media info reports

Technology Section

The platform operates routine maintenance and updates.

Let the professionals handle professional issues.

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