Hotpot V3 43th Weekly Report

Dear Hotpot fans,

Welcome to the 43th weekly report of the Hotpot Sets. We will continue to output the project’s operation and technology development progress for you, hoping to help you understand the Uniswap V3 platform in DeFi filed, and we wish providing you the first-hand market dynamics and better Defi investment decisions.

January 10, 2022 to January 16, 2022

Data Section

The recent Sets data on either the ETH mainnet or the Arbitrum sidechain is not particularly positive from the perspective of most users. But in fact, everyone should realize that the total rate of return of Sets is not a reflection of the rate of return of personal accounts.

On the other hand, you can check the data analysis page, and you can clearly see that the fee income of both the ETH mainnet and the Arbitrum sidechain has been increasing steadily since the launch of Hotpot Sets V3.

Figure 丨 Hotpot V3 Sets fees income

As of last Saturday, the accumulated fee income for accounts investing on Ethererum has reached $9815 for two weeks, and the fee income for one user on Arbitrum has reached $1686.

Although the number of users who have migrated to Hotpot V3 is currently limited, from the perspective of the main revenue and handling fee, Hotpot can also perform satisfactorily when the currency price is low and sideways.

Operation Section

Last Thursday, Hotpot’s official promo video, which took 2 months to make, was finally released! In order to allow global users to have a more accurate understanding of the platform through video, we strive for the most precise expression in terms of professional wording and the description of the platform mechanism. We hope that everyone can have a systematic concept of Hotpot after watching the video.

Figure丨Hotpot official promotional video MG animation

In addition to more flexible mechanisms and compatibility upgrades for investment strategies, Hotpot V3 has another core feature that users have more investment options. This is reflected in the fact that users can choose from more Sets created by different crypto asset managers, as well as Sets from different networks, such as Ethereum and Arbitrum.

Everyone is familiar with Ethereum investment but Arbitrum is relatively unfamiliar. Here we take Metamask as an example to demonstrate how to enter the Arbitrum network from the wallet to invest in Hotpot on the PC.

steps as follow:

1. Log in to the wallet (metamask on PC or Math Wallet, imToken, Token Pocket on mobile)

2. Wallet option to add network

3. Fill in Arbitrum network information (network name, node link, chain ID are required)

4. After the addition is successful, click to select the current network

5. Enter the Hotpot official website and link the wallet

6. When the wallet selects the current network as Arbitrum, the Hotpot investment page will automatically switch to the Arbitrum network. At the same time, the Arbitrum Bridge (bridge) will appear, click the link to enter, and then put the asset into the Arbitrum network. After completing the asset migration, you can invest in the USDC local currency Sets created by White Belly in Arbitrum.

As a platform-based DeFi project, the upgrade of Hotpot V3 is necessary. Although version upgrade means user migration, some users will be worried about the loss of gas during this process, but this is only temporary.

In addition, you can choose to migrate to Hotpot V3 immediately, or you can choose to still do the migration in the V2 version after the currency price rebounds. We will temporarily retain the V2 position.

As the platform progresses, users will also grow .Hotpot’s professional features can be further perceived by everyone. We also have the strength to lead everyone to a higher level of wealth in the new version!

Technology sector

Our technical team is diligently analyzing the Polygon network in preparation for its future deployment.

Let the professionals handle professional issues.

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Hotpot Sets is the professional Uniswap V3 LP platform. Let the professionals handle professional issues!

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Hotpot Sets

Hotpot Sets is the professional Uniswap V3 LP platform. Let the professionals handle professional issues!