HOTPOT Offline VIP Theme Meeting Successfully Completed

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At 14:00 on November 10, 2022, the “HOTPOT Offline VIP Theme Meeting” hosted by HOTPOT and co-organized by Scidom, CBP and Alpha was successfully held in Chengdu Century City Yizhuo Academy. HOTPOT founder & CTO Richard Du, Scidom CEO Hope, Crypto asset security technical guide MR.Wang, and Alpha Fund CEO Esma conducted in-depth interpretations and exchanges with the guests on crypto security, DAO, Web3.0, etc.

This event gave everyone a deep understanding of the new charm of the crypto world in the Web 3.0 era, and also made more people full of positive beliefs in the development prospects of HOTPOT.

【Talking about Crypto Industry Weather and Web3.0-Hope】

HOPE, the founder of Scidom, shared the essence of the current situation in the industry. She believes that in this journey of encryption technology, we need to open our eyes, open our minds, and discover the infinite future of this industry. In the face of a bear market and a bull market, we must all work together , Actively face it, rely on a keen sense of the market to grasp and understand industry information, and move towards the encrypted future together.

Regarding Web3.0, Hope said: “As a new value Internet, it gives users real data autonomy, creates a user-led digital world of open collaboration, privacy protection, and ecological co-construction, and brings new value to the Internet. The paradigm is also the infrastructure and application of future social, payment, service and transaction markets.”

Indeed, in the future, Web3.0 is destined to be a more open Internet ecosystem in the fields of underlying technology, social networking, games, investment, payment, entertainment, creation, education, etc.!

【HOTPOT Common Attack Methods and Countermeasures-Richard Du】

Some time ago, the smart contract platform Binance Chain (BNB Chain) was attacked by hackers. In just 2 hours, 2 million BNB were looted, and the amount of damage was estimated to be 100 million US dollars (about 710 million yuan). The incident caused a huge panic in investment in the industry. Richard Du took the HTOPOT platform as an example to explain several attack methods commonly used by hackers and the coping strategies adopted by the HOTPOT team.

Many attack methods are generated based on the transaction characteristics of the blockchain. Richard Du gave a few examples, such as MEV, flashBot, arbitrage, sandwich attacks, etc…

While popularizing these attack methods, Richard Du also shared the coping strategies adopted by the HOTPOT team, such as using the Uniswap price oracle machine, which can effectively judge the difference between the current price and the normal price (the previous transaction price), and prevent the price Control!

【How HOTPOT Survives the Bear Market?-Richard Du】

From the middle of the meeting, Richard Du mentioned the question that everyone is most concerned about in this private meeting: How will HOTPOT survive the bear market?

The bear market has made many investors panic. The investment methods most investors currently choose are unsatisfactory in terms of development trends. However, once a person who can really go through bulls and bears chooses the right investment target, what he needs to do is: calm down.

For the guests, HOTPOT’s market-proven market-making strategy, powerful smart contract underlying logic design, and excellent earnings report card in the past two years all boosted everyone’s investment confidence. It has to be said that HOTPOT, as a professional Uniswap V3 market maker platform, fully possesses a strong ability to resist market downturns.

“Real people do real things” The blockchain industry is inherently lacking in genes, and the HOTPOT team with a technical background just makes up for a little bit for the market. We not only welcome more friends who can understand the market to join HOTPOT, but also hope that more Sets managers with experience in crypto investment can become members of HOTPOT!

【Free communication session】

In the free communication session, the industry elites present actively asked questions and gained a deeper understanding of the operating mechanism and logic of the HOTPOT platform.

In addition, we have also obtained more valuable suggestions that can help the platform grow from the collision of everyone’s ideas.

【Private meeting ended successfully】

At 5:30 in the afternoon, the event came to an end, but everyone was still immersed in the intense discussion. We believe that it will not be too long before the next meeting, when HOTPOT will have a brand new look, and we will join fans at home and abroad in the prosperous future of crypto era!



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