Hotpot Fund V2 40th Weekly Report

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4 min readDec 24, 2021

Welcome to the 40 th weekly report of the Hotpot Fund. We will continue to output the project’s operation and technology development progress for you, hoping to help you understand the first-hand market dynamics and better Defi investment decisions.(December 13 to December 19)

Revenue Performance (Last week)

As of last Friday, the total present value of the Hotpot Fund was $1,341,713, which earned users $161,474, with a real-time total return rate of 13.68%. In terms of fee income alone, since the end of July this year, the platform has earned $284,023 for users!

Figure 丨 Hotpot Fund V2 liquidity pool data last Friday

Recently, some users are performing large-scale withdrawals, which cost a high gas fee (for example, it costs 9,000 Ugas to withdraw 90,000 U). In fact, we are not opposed to withdrawing funds early in the low gas period to wait for the arrival of hotpot v3. But we also suggest that you can wait for more capital gains to accumulate, and then choose the opportunity to gradually migrate after the new version is online.

Operation Section

Fee income is the main source of income that Hotpot earns for users. A slight fluctuation in the currency price last week will cause the investment trading pair to slip out of the position range. At this time, the platform cannot succeed in market making, and the user’s fee income will also decrease.

Therefore, many users believe that once the currency price is out of bounds, fund managers should immediately make adjustments. However, this is not the case. If the ETH price rises and slips out of the price range, the fund manager will make adjustments as soon as possible. Otherwise, the fund manager will set aside a certain decision time to choose whether to adjust the position. All decisions are made based on the principle of maximizing user benefits.

Last Sunday, the “Metaverse 2022: Half of the Sea and Half of the Flame” blockchain theme exchange meeting hosted by Qitcoin and co-organized by Daling, a global blockchain rating and data consulting agency, was held in Shanghai. As the world’s first DeFi fund platform, Hotpot was invited to participate in this event, which attracted much attention.

Richard Du (founder & CTO) remotely shared the market pain points that Hotpot, as the first professional Uniswap V3 market maker platform, can solve at the meeting.

In addition, he also explained the operating logic of the platform, the value capture mechanism, and the features of the new version that will be launched, which won the appreciation of the guests such as Tiger Blockchain Fund, Sato Ventures, Mr. A Meng and others.

Figure丨Remote sharing at the Richard Du event site

Not only that, this event also attracted dozens of mainstream blockchain media organizations such as Golden Finance, Mars Finance, PANews, Bihu, and Carbon Chain Value to report. Hotpot has also gained a large number of new fans and users who come here, and we will definitely live up to expectations and lead everyone to open up a new world of wealth!

Recently, community users always ask a question: “When is it better to invest?”

In fact, as a Crypto Funds platform that “wins in stability”, no matter the bull or the bear, as long as we choose Hotpot, we have the ability to bring everyone to earn considerable income. As long as you make a choice now, that is the best time now!

Figure丨Hotpot global media dynamics

Technology sector

The technical team is fully developing the Hotpot V3 version, so stay tuned!



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