Hotpot Fund V2 36th Weekly Report

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3 min readNov 24, 2021

Welcome to the 36 th weekly report of the Hotpot Fund. We will continue to output the project’s operation and technology development progress for you, hoping to help you understand the first-hand market dynamics and better Defi investment decisions.

November 15 to November 21

Revenue Performance (Last week)

As of last Friday, the hot pot fund users have invested a total of $1,131,052, with a total present value of $1,307,179, a total income of $176,126, and a real-time total return rate of 15.57%.

Figure 丨 Hotpot Fund V2 fund pool data last Friday

The rate of return has declined due to the retracement of the currency price last week. At the same time, many new users entered the market, which lowered the value of the total return of the fund pool. In fact, the current users of hot pot are still making profits steadily!

Operation Section

The hot pot fund has become famous in less than 10 months since the end of February this year. Last Tuesday, an article comparing and analyzing the differences between Crypto funds represented by Hotpot and traditional funds, became the focus of media headlines, which made more traditional financial players know about hot pot funds.

In addition, in order to give back to the early users who accompanied Hotpot along the way and to encourage new investment partners to join. Last Friday, the Hotpot Fund team officially opened the first phase of [Hotpot Hundred Days Reward], which quickly activated the community users!

Figure丨Hotpot Hundred Days Reward Activity

All users who deposit Hotpot before February 28, 2022 (including Hotpot V1), as long as they meet the deposit amount and investment time corresponding to the activity, they can get the platform token HPT with unlimited value. At present, the value of 1 HPT is valued at $5.2 under the deflation mechanism, and the value continues to rise. This event has a limited time of 100,000 HPT while stocks last!

There is no need to register or provide any personal information for this event. As long as a user meets the conditions of the event, we will transfer the HPT reward to the user’s wallet address at once.

Hotpot Fund adheres to the principle of making progress with users steadily. We sincerely hope that we can lead everyone to achieve wealth freedom as soon as possible. The future hotpot will definitely bring you more surprises!

Figure丨Hotpot domestic and foreign media information

Technology sector

The team’s Arbitrum pre-development work is in progress, and the hot pot fund investment platform is routinely maintained.

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