Hotpot Fund V2 33th Weekly Report

Welcome to the 33 th weekly report of the Hotpot Fund. We will continue to output the project’s operation and technology development progress for you, hoping to help you understand the first-hand market dynamics and better Defi investment decisions.

October 25 th to October 29 th

Revenue Performance (Last week)

The currency price was relatively stable in the previous week, and the Hotpot Fund TVL has exceeded one million U.S. dollars at present. As of last Friday, the platform has earned $231,953 in revenue for users, and the overall rate of return has exceeded 25%. Among them, the accumulated handling fee amounts to $168,232, which accounts for a large proportion of the user’s total revenue!

Figure 丨 Hotpot Fund V2 fund pool data last Friday

In addition, it is not difficult to find that since the hot pot fund V2 version went online on July 18, although the market has fluctuated and changed, the fund trend has continued to rise steadily. The data shows that no matter how much or little the user deposits, they are currently earning!

Operation Section

Last Tuesday, Hotpot Fund was invited by Emo Capital to participate in a project exchange meeting in the DeFi ecosystem in Shanghai. The founder Richard Du, as a home-sharing guest, deeply shared the changes in market maker requirements from Uniswap V3, the birth of the Hotpot Fund, the development history, and the actual operating data of the fund. There were many applause at the scene! After the meeting, many employers and DeFi hardcore players competed to communicate with the hot pot fund one-on-one.

What is gratifying is that we also met many acquaintances during the offline exchange meeting at Shanghai Station, most of whom came here after the meeting in Hangzhou and the hot pot in July this year. The recognition of everyone’s actions undoubtedly gave the Hot Pot Fund stronger confidence !

Figure丨Hotpot Fund offline exchange meeting site

The SHIB skyrocketed last week, and the unusually active trading volume in Ethereum caused the gas fee of the Ethereum main network to soar. Many community users say that gas has become the biggest investment barrier. In this regard, we hope that everyone can uphold a normal heart because the abnormal fluctuations in the currency price are mostly short-lived, and it is recommended to deposit as much as possible when the price is higher (such as gas less than 60gwei).

Figure 丨 Hotpot Fund V2 gas presentation

With the increasing popularity of hotpot funds at home and abroad, DeFi track projects have actively sought strategic cooperation opportunities with hotpotd.

There is no doubt that the hot pot fund is in a stage of rapid development. Wealth will not wait for the wait-and-see people but prefer those who dare to take the first step. Are you ready to get on the fortune train of Hotpot Fund now?

Figure丨Hotpot Fund V2 Media Information Report

Technology sector

The technical team is currently developing Arbitrum, and we will deploy another set of hot pot fund smart contracts in layer 2 in the future.

In the Hotpot Fund,let the professionals handle professional issues.

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