Does the Greyscale Investments Start to Buy UNI and AAVE? A Recommendation for Crypto Project Investments

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4 min readMar 16, 2021

Grayscale Investments, a well-known crypto investment fund, has announced that it is considering to add new crypto investment products. It is understood that the current crypto assets under consideration include 23 cryptocurrencies, such as AAVE, UNI, SUSHI, LINK, covering several popular DeFi projects.

It is well known that the Grayscale is an investment fund based on the market value of the Bitcoin it holds. It serves institutional investors and high net worth qualified investors through its compliant operation. Grayscale institution is the largest and most concerned BTC-holding institution in the world at present. In recent years, the substantial growth of several mainstream cryptos is directly related to the Grayscale, which leads to the formation of unique “Grayscale effect” in the industry, that is, all tokens linked to Grayscale have achieved a sharp rise.

The Greyscale’s announcement of adding new cryptos to hold was quickly followed by the market, which was considered to be super positive for the crypto market, especially for the currently popular DeFi projects like UNI. In addition, the Grayscale represents the most watched institutional investors, which is expected to bring more institutional attention to DeFi projects in the future.

In fact, in the beginning of 2021, with the new round of DeFi ecosystem prospering, major tokens such as UNI, SUSHI and AAVE, have all achieved significant growth and attracted the attention of many investors, and are relatively profitable investment choices. But for a large number of ordinary users just entering the market, they cannot distinguish the good from the emerging crypto projects of various qualities due to the lack of understanding and the investment logic in DeFi. If you want to participate in DeFi ecosystem more effectively, the popular Hotpot Fund may be a good choice.

The Hotpot Fund is the first DeFi fund project in the world, which is composed of a set of smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. By investing funds in Uniswap, it can provide a convenient, safe and stable investment channel for those who are interested in participating in DeFi project. The Hotpot Fund has been officially launched on March 1. The first phase provides three stablecoin investment funds for investors, including USDT, USDC and DAI. Over 2 million was raised on the first day of launching, showing a great momentum in growing.

In terms of investment, compared with holding tokens and waiting for the price rise, the returns from DeFi’s yield farming are more stable and of lower risks. And the Hotpot Fund, a transparent fund project operating on the public blockchain, lowers the understanding threshold in a new way for the entry-level users involved. Users only need to participate in the Hotpot Fund to obtain fund and mining returns, which is simple and safe. After adequate understanding of DeFi, users can also participate in HPT value ecosystem to make more arbitrage profits. In the whole investment process, users can deposit and withdraw at any time, no lockup or window period. The fund is totally under your own control, which is safe and assured.

All core functions of the Hotpot Fund are completed on chain, so it is highly transparent, that is to say, all operations of the fund manager are open to users, including which trading pairs have been invested on Uniswap, what the position is, and what investment has been done. Users can directly query the data on Ethereum. The Hotpot Fund only invests in the projects after in-depth research, because securing the user’s principal is the first priority. In addition, the contract code of the Hotpot Fund has been strictly audited, so it is safe and reliable.

In 2021 when DeFi will embrace a new round of blooming, it is believed that there will be more participants in the crypto space, together with the Hotpot Fund to earn profits in a more efficient and stable, easier and safer way. We also believe that in the rapidly developing crypto market, the Hotpot Fund will continue to create more possibilities for everyone, so that more users can enjoy the dividends brought by the expansion of the crypto market.



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